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Until the 18th century, Tipton was still a collection of small hamlets. It was here that James Watt built his first steam engine in the 1770s, which was used to pump water from mines.


Then the industrial revolution happened and the iron and coal industries in Tipton rapidly expanded. In the 19th century, Tipton gained a reputation as being ‘the quintessence of the Black Country’. A nearby living museum in Dudley can give you an idea of what life was like.


Investing in Tipton in the 21st century.


While it was once one of the most heavily industrialised towns, in the 20th century it gradually turned into a commuter town.  Historically based within Staffordshire, it’s now in the borough of Sandwell.


Discover a popular and affordable commuter town.


Located halfway between Wolverhampton and Birmingham, a significant proportion of the population of Tipton work in other regions. The town is only half an hour away from the city of Birmingham and 20 minutes from Wolverhampton. It has two railway stations and many other excellent transport links to the cities.


Nearby is Wednesbury, which is equally popular with commuters. Both these towns make great places for property investors, especially first-time buyers.


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